Candidate Testimonials

"As a prospective candidate, I was very impressed by Laura’s deep investment in the search process, her commitment to knowing you—your core values, work history. Laura was well informed in being able to support my candidacy, in being able to identify which positions would provide the best fit.  Her accessibility and her focus on doing a few key searches well at any one time speak to her dedication to ensuring that the outcome will be of great benefit for both the selected candidate and the hiring organization.   I am  indebted to Laura and can speak with confidence that the organization for which I am working feels much the same." – Dr. Richard Best


"Laura was an exceptionally insightful, transparent and engaged partner throughout the selection process. Her commitment to identifying and facilitating a strong match for the organization and the candidate was clear from the onset. It was a rare and refreshing experience to have been considered not just for my credentials and skill-set but also for alignment of my values, character and purpose with those of the potential new team. Laura ensured that there was ample time to both prepare for and reflect on interactions throughout. I am thrilled about the outcome of my search and I owe Laura a debt of gratitude." - Danielle Smith


"When I embarked on my search in the summer of 2013, I engaged with a number of firms so that I would be sure to leave no stone unturned. From the start, and throughout the process, Laura and her team were head and shoulders above other firms. They are thoughtful, patient, and took a sincere interest in ensuring that I was treated professionally—clear communication, timely updates, and meaningful discussions characterized our engagement throughout. I have recommended several colleagues to Laura and her team, and they all have had the same experience." – Catherine Barufaldi


"Searching for a position is never an easy thing. Working with Laura made it as easy as it could possibly be. She is so thorough and thoughtful. She encourages you to confidently show your abilities and helps you process interactions so that you keep moving forward. I always knew that she had my best interest at heart." – Miriam Raccah